Mommy has been down and out. rest assured we are healing and here! Please stay tuned👍

VIPS (aka Trauma's Team)

Part of being tight with Trauma, a true friend you can and will go live in a small group setting. Please let me know times and dates you...

Covid and Life as a Mom

Nursing has become a necessity for me and my toddler due to COVID. I will continue to give him the best food through my breast even at...

Breastfeeding a Toddler

Boy oh boy, will he ever wean? This boy is so close to me physically and emotionally, as a mother who constantly is by his side with no...

Pure Moments with Mama

Stay tuned for longer videos with diverse content with me and the fam. Thanks for subscribing and supporting the normalization of...

Naps are a Necessity

Keep napping your little one until kindergarten. It is a huge part of them having proper development and sleep patterns.

Being a Mom is Easy

Being a mom is amazingly easy if you are a magician. We do it all and often without recognition until Mother's Day. Spend a moment today...