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Calamity Jane

Life can through curve balls and sometimes I feel like a major league catcher. My computer finally would not upload videos anymore. A fossil in the making! I knew the time would come where my frugal side would have to scoot over and allow the purchase of a new updated computer. Due to the nature of my need to edit and create I was really held back by my old set up. I appreciate your patience but I have uploaded some videos. Please let me know if you have access and any other glitches you may come across. I do everything myself and wear a lot of hats. I appreciate you. Love is all we need friend and I will bring love to your life. Smile and know we are going to have a lot of fun adventures on this site. Stay tuned and stay well. Smell the roses and take a walk. Breathe deeply and be kind. Hugs and Kisses, Rossi

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