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Teacher, Teacher

My child is now yours to mold!

Teacher, Teacher don't break their soul.

Handle with care this blank slate is rare.

Can you make her learn to fly?

can you? can you?

Teacher, Teacher can you Reach HER?

BAA, BAA said the Teacher, Teacher.

The Goat is not made inside this school,

The Goats wander free outside where the breeze blew.

The Goat is not a single note,

The Goat cannot be made surrounded by a MOAT.

The GOAT is broken down by these walls, BEWARE.


Teacher, teacher can you make me THE GOAT, the best there is along the way?

No, No little one the world only wants sheep.

The GOAT The GOAT they will never meet.

Shuffle now from this place, find Mommy to take my place.

Teacher, Teacher I must go!

Mommy, Mommy did you know they only grow sheep at the school?

Run fast my son away from the restraint,

Break free to me outside lifes moat,

away from the shepherds herding the tiny sheep!

Teacher, Teacher, Mommy, Mommy.

Can you reach me, will you teach me?

As a teacher and a mother, I feel that our school systems are in a very scary state. I have been going to many schools lately and worry deeply for the children. Covid and life has made the future much tougher. Please pray for the students of the world today!

Many videos being uploaded all week. Stay tuned. Trauma!

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