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Drunk Tina and my Son

Dudes, wtf. I make delicious meatballs last night with gluten free pasta waiting for my 18 year old to return with our only car. He is a junk hauler and mover, a new gig. His first real tax paying job. He ends up walking in at 9:30 pm 5 hours after his shift was supposed to end. A long 12 hour day, so I didn't assess the situation properly when he walked in.

Guys! He was drunk and drove! This is not normal for him at all. He does NOT drink. We do not have booze in our house, as I do not condone drinking and do not drink at all.

When the baby and I heard him coming as we were cleaning up from dinner. We mutually decided to hide and jump scare big bro. It was a successful jump scare but then I noticed the goofy behavior of my son. He then proceeds to tell me a tale that is only told in locker rooms or seedy bars.

A woman got him drunk and forced him to do things that were not typical in a day to day encounter with a stranger. The moving crew got sexually abused, enticed and fulfilled by the 40 year old woman who hired them for a move. She is an alcoholic 4ft 11in mess of divorce and pain. My son knew it was wrong but she held them without signing to pay until one of them slept with her in her new mansion in this ritzy area of our ourtown..

My boy said she was a mess from 9am when they arrived. Even her 14 year old daughter was more mature than her per my son. The poor kid had to grow up because her mother is a sick person who clearly only cares about her carnal urges and booze.

My son said she grabbed his ass all day and kept doing the same to the 20 and 22 year old co workers. This is my sons 2nd week at this job. The name of the job is College Hunks who Haul Your Junk. So, this means that my son may be getting more divorcees and housewives wanting the full service. Oh my Lord, please save us all. This world has become so sexualized.

The story ends with one of the boys, and when I say boys I do believe they are just kids. The senior employee ends up sleeping with her raw dog and while they are finishing the boss comes knocking, he know something is up. Tina ends up paying for the extra 4 hours of moving wink wink. Oh, and tipping well. Back at the office the boss asks what happened. They all fib and head home.

The blonde housewife, divorcee with a new boyfriend got moved and a wild ride for the low price of $2800 dollars. That poor boyfriend has no clue, and is for sure always gonna have to share Tina. She ain't stopping.

My poor drunk child, kept saying, "It was like a Fairytale, but not a good one."

Tina not all kids want pussy and vodka. Some may feel molested and just so everyone knows I am sick of the porn industry and slut women. I wish we could get women on a better path. The good men out there have no one to choose from, just whores. It makes me sad.

I doubt this has happened to many men and or mothers. I have to be honest the day before my man and I were talking about all these service men coming to the house lately and whether I would ever have a fling with a younger man.... I ended up becoming a mentor to one but no I would not sex up a teenager who is getting rid of my junk. I think it is beyond and too much.

Tina is a damaged soul, full of sickness. I would never want to allow that into my being, as I do believe when you have relations with someone you take their energy and soul into yours.

For this reason, I am glad my son did not sleep with her. He didn't get away unscathed, as I do know he did things to her. Like with a finger!

She was just clearly being a total nut job. Thank God her 14 year old daughter wasn't there anymore. Poor kid.

I just had to share. I know many people have fantasies of things like this happening. I do! But I would never make it happen. Did she like plan to do this, like a little weird.

I had to revoke driving privileges from my son. I have a hard time punishing my kids. I like natural consequences. However, I am devastated that he drove drunk. He knows how sick that this makes me. Drunk driving is disgusting, evil and makes me ill. Don't do it!

Love you!

Sadie aka Trauma/Drama

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