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Ha, my life is a cataclysmic adventure of realizing manifestation is all in your head. As I exit my home up walk two very attractive youthful deputies.

The male officer had a swift hair design that looked unique and ever so cool. The female came to my attention when the sunlight through my Elm tree beamed briefly into her perfectly golden sprinkled hazel eyes.

He jokingly stated, "I am back.".

I act like I know what people are saying all the time when I am like a 90 year old who can't hear due to my AirPod addiction. I am one of those people dancing in the grocery store or seemingly talking and laughing to myself in a park.

I then realized it wasn't the cops I had endure in mid June during our family situation, to put it kindly. It was the cop that was called about my pontoon boat. It is sitting out front and we are taking it out rarely. My mean old neighbor who has called the cops on me over four times for my dogs barking after 11pm. He knows it is the same person and is super cool.

I had two out of the three boys in tow and we were headed to a fun night out for the babies two week anniversary of his surgery of his tonsils and adenoids. The beautiful dark haired Latina officer gave sweet little boy a sheriff sticker. I said, "You get so many fun stickers from cops, the police love helping our family!"

In that moment I had to say that because the impact on kids is far greater than they let on. The moment made my body tense and my heart ache for the hurts adults who love their family unconditionally still make in an effort to protect themself. We have to let down the barriers with those we love and be honest. Yet, we must have real boundaries.

I am starting to think of life as a video game I have to master. I will never give up and know that with love positivity and light we can all go out of the dark. Through God I know my family will be forgiven and will forgive.

Love you always,

Rossi Sadie Scott

aka Mama

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