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Technology Update

This computer is outstanding. I cannot believe I having been living without her. She is so kind and easy to use.

I will name her Felicia.

Everything she does makes me extremely fulfilled.

Geez, after keeping my old one for five years feels like I am in a light speed universe of excitement. I can edit and upload so much faster friend. Please stay tuned for updates and videos galore.

Seriously, Mama is back. After my break up and extreme situation I feel free, independent, strong and ready to find me again. I am still a loving partner and intend on fixing all that is broken. I do love Daddy! He is a wonderful human. We all make mistakes and each party in a relationship has to take accountability. He wants me back but I am cautiously parenting our son with him and letting him free.

He has been forgiven. I do not hold anger well, I cannot live in hate. I have to live in the light.

Welp, love ya for being here and talk to you soon.


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