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Forgiveness, Shame and Guilt

When I exposed my situation and closed my site down yet again I recognized how deep my sorrow goes. I am alone most days, working and raising my sons. I am fearful of my choices, all of them...why do I make the same mistakes? Why do I choose the rockiest road? Why do I entrench myself in avoidance of my life and help all those around me with consistent fortitude and determination. I write this to ask for forgiveness. Please know I am a fair and kind woman. I realize you are a friend and want me to share my life. My intention is to create a place here where you will see the world through a mothers truth, a mothers love and so much more. I do not like feeling like I have fully failed. As I have not given up on my content, just taken a long break. I do not love failing you.

Please keep an eye out for a-lot of diverse and engaging content that will bring you peace and kindness. I am full of shame, full of regret, guilt is innately a part of my anatomy. I am shedding this though process that has stifled me for my whole life.

Please accept my apologies and stick with me for the best site ever, a site that is educational and memorable. I want to get closer to the hearts of all and bring my soul into this site. I adore the support but now want to reward the viewer with life, love and freedom. We are all toiling to find ourselves, to become our best selves. Join me for a redefined version of who I have always been. A woman with trauma who will never give up and perseveres to help others and to find intrinsic purpose that fulfills our deepest emotions through a mothers love. I am the light that is what defines life and what a MoM represents. Thanks for your time and keep abreast of the new content on all tiers. Stay amazing dear one.

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