Trauma: Scared But Free From Fear

Welcome if you are new and thanks for sticking around as I evolve, wain and peak on an schedule that is as erratic as a crazy hamster. ADHD and PTSD are parts of my daily life and must be managed with gusto and rigor. I love having content on the web and sharing my real life but that got derailed by Trolls of the World Wide Web who thought nudity and motherly love through nursing is wrong. I do not fear anymore and will start producing more meaningful documentary content with care for the craft that I love, videography. Please stay tuned for the ways I am evolving and writings that I will also post regularly. Love, love, love you for being my fan, friend and supporter.


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Mommy has been down and out. rest assured we are healing and here! Please stay tuned👍

Part of being tight with Trauma, a true friend you can and will go live in a small group setting. Please let me know times and dates you can do lives. I want to connect with people with like minds who