As a child I was ignored, left alone to wait in cars in the hot sun for hours. After school no one would come get me, sometimes my elderly grandma would rescue me from the staff at the school asking me, "Where is your ride hun?"

When we think about abuse, trauma, neglect and damage to children it is often physical. However, neglect can very much increase the chances that your little one will be impacted in ways you will never understand. Crying it out is bullshit. Do not let your little one cry and hurt! Do not leave you toddler on the floor heaving in wretched pain and emotions during a tantrum.

The skill of being a parent is not taught. Why? It is a sad thing that our education systems in many countries fail to teach life skills to include how to create strong bonds between parents and children. I will be writing a lot on this problem and how to tackle it as an adult parent. I am not saying you have to be a push over or a soft parent. Boundaries are fundamental in creating strong and resilient humans but remember they are learning from you every second of the day.

Model what you want from you little kiddo. If you want them to be a calm and healthful human then you should be the example for them. This is the tough part of being a parent. Don't throw fits in front of them, don't argue with your spouse in front of them and definitely do not abuse them in any way. If it feels wrong it most likely parents, fans and friends please heed my advice and take a moment to work on you today. Self-care and understanding who you are will enable you to be a parent that will produce a stellar person who will give back to the world versus taking from society by being unable to interact and react with compassion and empathy to those around them. Stay well and safe! Love is my religion and I send you love today!!

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