Little mistakes

In life people hit you when you least expect it, maybe with a fist, their car or with evil words. Always being in survival mode as a single woman raising a family alone I am sick of being hit! That being said, I had surgery and also was hit by a car. Ugh, life....anyway for those of you who are current subcribers I will be extending your membership. Please note, I have also lost my laptop. I need to add all current members to my snapchats. I will be posting on too but want to give you a bunch of great content asap. Thanks for being a fan, a friend and well just thanks alot.


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Mommy has been down and out. rest assured we are healing and here! Please stay tuned👍

Part of being tight with Trauma, a true friend you can and will go live in a small group setting. Please let me know times and dates you can do lives. I want to connect with people with like minds who