Intention Deficit Disorder

Motherhood from a young age brings about many rewards and challenges. As a young mommy I was exposed to a bad older man. She who was exposed to a man whom really intended to take advantage of a darlings love and make a pseudo family for his sociopathic plans. Basically, I ended up with a bad dude. I made two beautiful boys with this man and tried to make our home perfect. Intentions were laid and women often assure even the craziest of fools. Do I blame others for my mistakes? Never!

Did being hurt young and raising children alone ruin me? Hell NO! It made my life full, so very full. I grew up fast yes but for the boys who so enjoyed having a wonderful mom. We lived, we learned and we loved a-lot. My sons are exceptional men now! So, here I am with so many intentions over the years of making a historical web page that shows my real history for me and those who choose to partake in my amazingly interesting documentary world. I want to share reality! Real true Life with a REAL Mom.

So, here I am writing to tell you my intention will be set and I will not allow my disorder of being a busy and loving mom interfere with this endeavor. Stay Tuned!

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