Hit By Life and Almost a Bullet

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

When I was young the world was a far different place, the air smelled crisp and life was fun reality was school and well playing. Mom and Dad always trusted me to get to school and get home. My best friend in second grade was a petite blonde with a skater style and a Cali flare. Her energy was chill and she could run faster then any of my other friends. We played soccer together and had a real bond through sports. I always felt a love for her and even though we do not talk to this day I remember that connection that can only be found in those idillic childhood years.

But our childhood was fraught with drunk drivers, crazy men and women and fear due to where we lived. One day, we hopped out of our classroom to head over to my house to play Nintendo, Super Mario Brothers. The heat of the day and sun pounded on us as we took the most direct route to my stucco rancher on a flat dessert road.

As we crossed into an expansive park that we loved playing soccer in, shots rang out we ran together at first into the neighborhood adjacent to the sounds. As we were frantically escaping bullets through the park a Camaro screeched towards us, surely looking to do something to us. She ran one way and because she was so fast I was left as the only target for the predators in the park. I began running around another corner and did the only thing I could to avoid them seeing me and ducked into a houses front patio ducking quickly to avoid being seen. The Camaro sped past and I was able to breathe again. After that day I realized my life would never be the same again. I now was forever worried that the Camaro Man would come find me and kill me or worse rape me and kill me! Never trust that your kids are safe when walking to and from school. This is a little short tale of my very many traumas. Please stay tuned for more dear friend.

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