Covid and Life as a Mom

Nursing has become a necessity for me and my toddler due to COVID. I will continue to give him the best food through my breast even at the detriment of what others may think are issues. For example, my family states my breasts will never be the same again. IE ugly or saggy, well is that any reason to stop? Seems like I do not need my breasts for any other reason then to nurture my children.

He will never stop is another complaint. He will and they all do, remember I breastfed two other boys and they did chose to stop. Also, my son has an autoimmune disorder and needs to feed specifically because he won't eat food when he is ill once a month.

As many of us know in Afghanistan there is a massive crisis regarding food. I wish that women could feed their children from their breast but that isn't the case. I know it isn't a solution but imagine how many family members could sustain nutrients from the matriarch of the home.

I pray for us all to the universe that life becomes better and we can all heal and grow with positive and beautiful energy. The kind of energy that occurs when a mother and child embrace or a mother and father kiss. Please know you are the light that exists in the dark. Love you all and have a great day.

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