Breastfeeding a Toddler

Boy oh boy, will he ever wean?

This boy is so close to me physically and emotionally, as a mother who constantly is by his side with no sitter I find it is more difficult to wean. I have not attempted to push him away and even still co-sleep in a separate bed from his father. I enjoy the skin to skin contact and snuggles as much as he does. Time does just fly by and I cannot imagine regretting releasing him from my body, heart and soul yet. We have bonded so much due to our nursing. He is just so enamored with his mom. It makes me feel like a true goddess, a real mother, and breastfeeding brings deeper intention to my day to day life.

We will continue to post many videos of us and hope you enjoy our family. Thanks for watching us grow and evolve during his growth and my own. We are all continously growing, learning and developing our deeper values and hopes. Don't forget you are valuable too and your support to our content is greatly appreciated.

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