Being a Mom is Easy

Being a mom is amazingly easy if you are a magician. We do it all and often without recognition until Mother's Day. Spend a moment today to say thank you to the women in your life. Many new educational videos of all kinds coming to the members on this page. Please note my PTSD and depression has been tough as this is the two year anniversary of my vicious dog attack while running. Thanks for your support and donations and never hesitate to send a chat as a paying subscriber, that is one of the fun perks. Also, if you are at the 100 donation tier you can see my family and personal snapchats.

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Mommy has been down and out. rest assured we are healing and here! Please stay tuned👍

Part of being tight with Trauma, a true friend you can and will go live in a small group setting. Please let me know times and dates you can do lives. I want to connect with people with like minds who